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[OOC] Relationship Post

You know, after compiling this, I realised that Tseng needs to get out a lot more. 8(

[OOC] Relationship PostCollapse )

25. [Voice]

Well. It seems that Nuadoria has installed a revolving door to Gaia. Now if only it operated on command.

[A soft sigh.]

It appears that I'm back for the indefinite future. It's a little surprising that Nuadoria hasn't spontaneously ended in the meantime, given its tendency to attract trouble. So, has anything interesting happened lately?

Locked to TurksCollapse )

23. Text

All that work and nothing to show for it. The casino remains out of bounds, I presume?

I wonder how many lives one has in this place before you run out of tries. Is there anyone here who's given their lives up more than once?

Private to AerisCollapse )

Private to MagistersCollapse )

Private to GammaCollapse )

Private to ElenaCollapse )

22. [Voice]

Rude, Elena, ascertain what that was. Stay together, and watch each other's backs. [Pause] And if you can, Reno's.

I'll rendezvous with you at 0200 hours later. Keep me updated via communicator if you find anything.

[From the background noise, it sounds like Tseng is moving around. There's a brief scuffle, someone or a few someones shoving past, perhaps -- before Tseng curses suddenly.]


[OOC: I'm going to be away for a week, and probably won't have much access to the internuts. Tseng is going off to do his own reconnaissance, as he said, and he'll be absent for a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to drop in now and then - why do events always happen when I'm away baw.]

21. [Voice]

Reno, Elena.

The new addition to the city... shall we go check it out?

[Amused] Or perhaps Reno is already there...?

[There's a small hiss in the background, and Tseng makes a shushing sound. Whatever his familiar is, he's not telling.]

Locked to Dai, unhackableCollapse )

Locked to Aeris, unhackableCollapse )

20. [Voice]

...He's gone.

After all that...

Just... gone.

[Pause for Tseng to pull himself together]

Turks, how did it go? I saw the explosion from all the way across the city...

ETA: Locked to AngealCollapse )

19. [Text]

... There seem to be a lot of ghosts around the city lately. It must be something in the air. Or it is the time of the year?

Locked to Turks and RufusCollapse )

Locked to Angeal, Zack, AerisCollapse )

[OOC: Tseng has died in Nuadoria before, so--! Partially ghosty.]

17. [Text]

Alright. Now that half our number is off to the Seraphim, who is left? Aerith...? We seem to have a new visitor...

Or maybe that was the plan all along. Divide and conquer, as they say. Right, magisters?

Filtered to Rufus, hard to hackCollapse )

Private; hard to hackCollapse )


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